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During the COVID-19 pandemic we continue to be open and care for our cancer patients


At this time we are limiting our in-person visits to patients on active cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation) and patients with a new cancer diagnosis in need of a treatment plan.


If you are a patient currently being seen for routine cancer surveillance and due for a visit in the next 4-6 weeks we will be reaching out to cancel your in-person appointment. However, we are working on a schedule of telephone visits to offer to patients during this time.


Because of our limited clinic schedule, hours of operation are changing so please see the "contact us" page for the most current information about our in-person hours.Phone calls will be returned in a timely fashion and you may continue to reach us after hours for more emergent questions. 


We appreciate your patience during this time. This is a practice staffed by one physician (Dr. Berry) and one physician's assistant (Kara Faith). We do not have a large organization behind us to offer additional staff support like other practices where you may receive care. We will continue to do our very best to address your questions and concerns during this time.


We do not have a patient portal but you may use the email portal on our "contact information" page for less urgent questions if you prefer. 


Other resources which may be of help:  

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